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COWBOY DOWN (HD, WWII Documentary, Drama)

An upcoming feature length documentary about my cousin Robert "Cowboy" Stout who was a WWII ACE fighter pilot and was killed while serving in Palau.

A Wyoming native, Cowboy was a Guadalcanal veteran flying with VMF-212 "Hell Hounds." He became an ACE pilot scoring six enemy planes, and when his CO and mentor Harold "Indian Joe" Bauer was killed, Cowboy became the first Captain in USMC history to command a fighter squadron in combat. His second tour of duty, Cowboy was given command of VMF-114 "Death Dealers" based in Peleliu, Palau.


A much beloved leader to his men, he was shot down in his Corsair over Koror while leading an attack the morning of March 4, 1945. Partially based on the book “Cowboy Down: A WWII Marine Fighter Pilot's Story” authored by his wingman Glenn “Bud” Daniel, the film is currently in production.

THE TIME WE'RE IN (HD, Drama, science fiction short film)

A crowd-funded short film based on recent events, "The Time We're In" is a fictionalized account of coping with devastating news and the lengths one would go to save someone they love. This short is a drama with some sci-fi elements and was shot it in 6 days on the Red Epic. Please click the accompanying links for more details.

NOMAD, ROE (35mm, science fiction short film) Awarded the Los Angeles Regional EMMY® AWARD for Creative Technical Craft.

The first "real" 35mm film so to speak as in we wrote, produced, directed, composed and edited this project. Stoutheart literally did everything from location scouting to wardrobe, props, and everything in between. A trial-by-fire project that paid off not only in winning an Emmy® Award, but receiving a learn-by-doing crash course in production and filmmaking.

BULLDOG (16mm, action dark comedy feature length film)

This project marked Stoutheart's feature length film debut. Once again we wrote, produced, directed, composed and edited this project, plus provided the cinematography as well. Shot for very little money in true guerrilla style, we had over 20 locations and a cast of 30. Quite a daunting task and similar to "Nomad, Roe" but a lot was learned plus a tremendous amount of first-hand knowledge that proved invaluable as a production company.

HIGHER GROUND (Video, feature length documentary)

Stoutheart was hired to co-produce, direct, and edit this documentary via Image Entertainment, about contemporary gospel music. The production traveled to various cities across the US and stuck to quite a rigorous shooting schedule. This title is available on Amazon and Netflix.

DON'T SAY ANYTHING (Feature film animatic)

Written, produced, and directed by Stoutheart's Terry Coffey and Damon Stout, “Don’t Say Anything” is an animatic test film of a feature length thriller/horror script employing a professional voice-actor cast, customized photographs, graphics, and original music.

“Don’t Say Anything” screenplay garnered the following accolades:

• Amazon Studios - Script & Test Movie semifinalists (4 times)

• Twisted Horror Screenplay Competition - Finalist

• Nicholl Fellowship in Screenwriting - Semifinalist

• Page International Screenwriting Awards - Quarterfinalist

• Screenwriting Expo Screenplay Competition - Top 10%

• FilmMakers International Screenwriting Awards - Top 4%

• Fade In Awards – Semifinalist


BONE THUGS (Video, reality show test/spec)

For this project, Stoutheart was hired to shoot and edit this reality show spec project which was intended for MTV / VH1 distribution based on a potential reunion of the group. Although not picked up as no reunion was forthcoming, its Youtube hits within a few months totaled over 10,000 views.


Stoutheart wrote, produced, edited, composed, and created graphics for two opening segments used by CONAN (aired on TBS 01/31/13) for their "Occupy Conan" episode. The two themes were "Celtic" and "Newsreel."


Some examples of music videos we have edited and/or directed.


Some examples of short films we have edited.

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