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Celtic Pink Floyd is a project devoted to the arrangement of classic Pink Floyd songs with a Celtic rock twist. Traditional instruments such as; uilleann pipes, fiddle, tin whistle, accordion, banjo, dulcimer, bodhrán, mandolin, and bones are utilized, as well as contemporary vocals, guitars, bass and drums. Produced by Damon & Brian Stout, CPF has been enjoying a growing worldwide popularity since 2011.

The Diviners are an indie rock combo whose music explores soaring melodies, edgy guitars, and groove oriented rhythmic phrasing. Fronted by lead singer/bassist and songwriter Damon Stout, several Youtube performances showcase the band's versatility as a duo as well as a four-piece.

The Mansfield Band (formerly Anita and the Yanks) broke into the Celtic rock music scene in 2008 and have built an impressive fan base in and around the Los Angeles area.

Stoutheart members have produced and/or been performers in a variety of bands from LA to Chicago with a wide range of styles and genres. Below are a few links to recent projects:

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